About Me

Anabella was born in San Jose, CA where she currently resides.
She’s a self taught artist and has been painting since she was 10 years old.

“I believe that the truest form of Art occurs in the immediacy of the moment, as it is being created. It has been my experience as an artist that art comes from within, subconsciously, intuitively and mysteriously. I enjoy getting my hands into every medium, style, and subject matter, using it as a platform to explore the endless possibilities of my creative vision. That vision is visible in my art to the viewer that can enter my work with curiosity and a willingness to engage.”

Anabella has been teaching youth fine arts for the past 10 years. She has taught at many local organizations: the WORKS Gallery San Jose, Camden Community Center, Santa Clara County Juvenile Detention Center, and Childrens' Discovery Museum.  Her classes focus on creativity, experimenting with new mediums and exploring sub-cultures with a focus on Basic Drawing/Painting, Graffiti, Zines, Photography & Cultural Crafts.

She’s an active member of the San Jose Art Community and has participated in many group shows around the bay area since 2001. She currently curates monthly art shows at “The Usuals” clothing boutique, featuring local artist in San Jose.

In her free time, Anabella enjoys dj'ing at art shows, collecting local art, going to local live music, rock climbing, hiking, bike riding, and traveling.

Anabella Pinon